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Leader Of The Pack

An off-season program for aspiring athletes wanting to reach the top – to be the leader of the pack. The Leader of the Pack Program aims to improve your teen’s confidence and leadership skills, prepare them for becoming a great team captain, a good team player and set them up with the skills for life as they grow older. 

One for those filled with talent and ambition, who want to hit the ground running when sport starts back up in the new year.  It might be that you are in the A’s, but not getting selected for the regional or state team or maybe you are in the state team, but missing out on national selection the B team. Whatever ‘your‘ goal is…we work together with you to make the most of your off season and give you the best opportunity to achieve your dreams.

To aspire to play at a top sporting level is a dream of many young athletes. You’ll know better than most, that the race to the top is competitive and requires dedication.  You know where your strengths and weaknesses lie – and that if you worked more on those weaknesses, they could become a strength. Equally, you don’t want to neglect your strengths…you want to maximise them. 

You might find that you just recover from one injury and you get another.  If only you could complete your rehab fully…didn’t have that rep trial coming up or that assignment due…if you could stop time for a moment…you could focus on your body complete your rehab, work on your weaknesses, optimise your strengths, work on all those 1 percenters that you know will give you that advantage.

The Leader of the Pack program is about working on all those little extras…in the off season…giving you the tools to make your sporting dreams come true.

We will do a full assessment, discuss your goals, work out a plan for the off season and schedule some appointments so we can keep you on track. We will also teach you how to listen to your body, how to use training diaries, how to modify load in response to your body, how to recognise injuries early, how to talk to your coach about injuries and training load.  Because Leaders of the Pack take responsibility for their own bodies, injuries and rehabilitation.

Join Twelve9teen’s Leader of the Pack program to give you the advantage to reach your goals.  You’ll be fighting fit ready for the start of the sporting season and be ready to hit the ground running. It’ll give you a chance to work on all aspects of your physical health, that you didn’t have time for during the busy season.

It’s a comprehensive program for exceptional teenage athletes just like you. You’ll receive:

  • A detailed assessment/screening tailored to your body, sport and goals
  • A personalised treatment plan over the next 2-3 months (including telehealth session for when you are away on holidays)
  • Advice on how to complete a proper training diary and how to modify your training to fit the season and your own personal health.

If you’d like to grow from strength to strength over the quieter sporting period call Twelve9teen Sports Physiotherapy for Adolescents on 32561219