Initial appointments are for those who are visiting for the first time, have a new injury we have not treated, or have not had treatment with us in over 12 months. These appointments take around 45 minutes, and involve a thorough assessment of all contributing body systems, and the development of a treatment plan that takes into account not only your physiotherapy appointment but your sports training and activity load.

Subsequent appointments are 30 minutes and utilise evidenced base treatments both hands on and specific targeted exercise prescription. 

Our Approach

Our Story

Here at twelve9teen you can rest assured that your teenage athlete will receive top range care and treatment that relies on evidence based treatments for their age group and injuries. Twelve9teen has strong ties to numerous clubs and coaches and are happy to liaise with your coaches and teams to ensure that your injuries are managed appropriately.


Doctor Loretta O'Sullivan-Pippia

specialist sports physiotherapist sub-speciality adolescents in sport

Dr Loretta is a specialist sports physiotherapist. This is the highest clinical tier of sports physiotherapy in Australia, and there are currently less than 10 sports physiotherapists in Queensland at this level. Dr Loretta also has a sub-speciality in adolescents in sport (she is the only sports physiotherapist in Australia with this sub-speciality). Dr Loretta established Twelve9teen Sports Physiotherapy in 2009.
Academically, Dr Loretta holds a Bachelor in Physiotherapy, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy and a Doctorate of Clinical Physiotherapy. Her research at undergraduate level focussed on abdominal function; at post-graduate level on ankle injuries; and at Doctoral level on knee cap pain in teenage girls. She has lectured extensively in Australia and overseas on sports rehabilitation, knee injuries and adolescents in sport.

Dr Loretta has been working with sports teams and athletes since she graduated in 1993.  She has worked in a variety of sports including rugby union, netball, track and field, swimming, gymnastics, dance, hockey, football, tennis, along with many others.  Her clients have ranged from school and club teams/athletes through to international athletes, including Olympic gold medallists.  Many of the athletes Dr Loretta worked with as junior athletes are now competing in the NRL and Super Rugby competitions. Teams/Athletes/Sports Loretta has worked with either presently or in the past:

  • Rugby Union
    • Australian Rugby Union National Talent Squad
    • Queensland U16
    • GPS Representative Teams
    • Saracens Rugby Union
    • Darling Downs Rugby Union Representative Teams
    • Toowoomba City Bears Rugby Union Club
    • Rangers Rugby Union Club
    • Numerous current and past Super Rugby and Wallabies Players
    • Consultant to London Irish, London Scotish and Wasps
  • Netball
    • Firebirds
    • Downey Park Netball Club
    • St Margaret's Netball
  • Athletics
    • Olympic Games
    • Australian National Junior Track Squad
    • Great Britian Atheletics Team
    • Individual Commonwealth and Olympic games athletics, including medalists
  • Hockey
    • Numerous Hockeyroos players including Olympic Gold medallists and Olympic player of the tournment and top gold scorer
  • Swimming
    • Individual swimmers including Olympic and Commonwealth Gold Medalists
    • Towards 2000 swim squad
  • Tennis
    • Numerous world ranked tennis players, including world no 4 and previous Wimbledon champion
    • English institute of sport tennis players
    • Toowoomba International tournament
  • Rowing
    • London Rowing Club
    • St Margarets Rowing
  • Football (soccer)
    • Consultant for Crystal Palace and Queens Park Rangers
    • Consultant for past Socceroos and current A league coach
    • Gregory Terrace 1st XI
    • QAS womens team
  • Dance
    • Random Dance Company London
    • Individual dancers including present Australian Ballet Company dancers
  • Water Polo
    • Consultation for Great Britain Water Polo
  • Gymnastics
    • Delta Gymnastics
    • All Stars Gymnastics