Knee Taping

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buy robaxin no prescription 1. To start

Place Fixomil over the knee cap from the outside to the inside of the knee.

The tape should go a fair way down the inside of your knee.

The ‘Fixomil’ should go directly over the knee cap

No pressure is applied to the ‘Fixomil’. 2.  To correct lateral glide

Place ‘Leuko P’ tape on the outside edge of the knee cap and with your

thumbs, push the knee cap inwards.

Use your fingers to gather up the tissues on the inside of your knee cap.

Pull the tape across to the inside of your knee to hold this. Repeat.

their explanation 3.  To correct lateral tilt

Place ‘Leuko P’ tape in the centre of the knee cap, lift the tissues on the inside of your knee up and pull the tape down to the inside of knee. Repeat.

4. Infra Patella Unloading Tape

Make a ‘V’ with the ‘Fixomil’ around the fatty/puffy part of the knee, meeting on the shinbone.

With the ‘Leuko P’ tape, start on the shinbone and pull up and out, pulling up some of the skin with your fingers so you get some puckering.

Repeat on the other side. Do two each side.

5. To correct AP tiltWhen applying the ‘Fixomil’, place it over the top half of the tape. Continue with the remainder of the taping, staying to the top half of the knee cap.

Before You Begin:

  • Make sure your knee cap is relaxed and will move around.
  • Your skin should be clean and dry and shaven 24 hours prior.
  • Tape can be left on for five days, You get more irritation from pulling the tape off than leaving it on.
  • Soak the tape in oil or nail polish remover before removing. Lift off gently, holding the skin down.
  • If you get any itchiness or burning, take the tape off.
  • If the tape makes your pain worse, take the tape off
  • The tape can get wet, dry it with a hairdryer or pat it dry with a towel.
  • Use ‘Fixomil’ underneath and ‘Leuko P’ on top.
  • If you are allergic to tape (zinc oxide), use only ‘Fixomil’.



Foot Taping

Subtalar Joint Tape

  • Sitting on a chair, cross your legs so your affected foot is facing you.
  • Place a piece of Leuko Premium Plus, diagonally across your heel
  • Apply pressure like in the mobilisation
  • Wrap the ends of the tape around your foot, finishing just under the ankle bone on the outside of your foot
  • The ends of the tape should meet each other
  • Repeat

Navicular Lift Tape

  • Sitting with your ankle resting on your thigh of the opposite knee
  • Starting on the top of the outside of your foot
  • Gently wrap the tape around your foot
  • As you reach your arch, apply pressure as if to lift this area up
  • Continue to wrap tape until you reach where you started
  • repeat.